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Sentences Containing 'vivid'

He added the last words, after there had been a vivid flash which had shown him lounging in the window.
It must present the form of things in a more vivid manner than we ordinarily see them in nature.
Now I do not suppose that as a matter of mechanical accuracy this was so, but the impression of the eyes seen as part of a vivid impression of the head is seldom that they are the same size.
And to my thinking it was done at the dictates of the vivid mental impression he wished his drawing to convey.
In some lights, viewed even from a hilltop, it is of a vivid green next the shore.
With Mr. Cable along to see for you, and describe and explain and illuminate, a jog through that old quarter is a vivid pleasure.
The interest in it is vivid and constant; the interest in other topics is fleeting.
That picture of it was still as clear and vivid to me as a photograph.
Besides, mother, remark how vivid his eye, how raven black his hair, and his brow, though so pale, is free from wrinkles, he is not only vigorous, but also young.''
At this moment there was a tremendous clap of thunder, accompanied by a flash of lightning so vivid, that it quite eclipsed the light of the lamp.''
On the contrary, all impressions, that is, all sensations, either outward or inward, are strong and vivid: the limits between them are more exactly determined: nor is it easy to fall into any error or mistake with regard to them.
I say, then, that belief is nothing but a more vivid, lively, forcible, firm, steady conception of an object, than what the imagination alone is ever able to attain.
'I nodded, pointed to the sun, and gave them such a vivid rendering of a thunderclap as startled them.
'As the eastern sky grew brighter, and the light of the day came on and its vivid colouring returned upon the world once more, I scanned the view keenly.
Yet it was busy, too, with all the remembrances the place naturally awakened; and they were particularly distinct and vivid.
That unblinkingly vivid Japanese sun seems the blazing focus of the glassy ocean's immeasurable burning-glass.
cried Starbuck to the crew, suddenly admonished to vigilance by the vivid lightning that had just been darting flambeaux, to light Ahab to his post.
"SPIN" Magazine gave the record 7 out of 10 stars, calling it "vivid" and "haunting."
The recording was acquired by Vivid Entertainment, who plans to distribute the tape as "Kendra Exposed".
These contain some vivid poetical descriptions, but are in the main treatises in poetical form.
Ives School and their art was characterised by use of vivid and often non-naturalistic colour and the use of bold technique above form.
Suicide, as a theme, is evident also from the use of vivid imagery, as well as the heavy hearted tone conveyed through Emily's use of caesura and interjection.
The Zoot Suit Riots were vivid incidents of racial violence against Latinos (e.g. Mexican-Americans) in Los Angeles in 1943.
Trudging home, Fran Hunter's eye is drawn to a vivid splash of colour on the white ground, ravens circling above.
From Newcastle she brought with her a vivid memory of the "dock-rats", English orphans on the Newcastle quay.
His poetry also excels in creating vivid sense of humor.
Exposed in Paris to Post-Impressionism and Fauvism, she adopted a vivid palette and used red or blue contouring lines.
The Romans liked bright colors, and many Roman villas were decorated with vivid red murals.
It made a more vivid red than ordinary Kermes.
Since it was translucent, thin layers of red lac were built up or glazed over a more opaque dark color to create a particularly deep and vivid color.
In autumn forests they appear vivid in the maples, oaks, sourwood, sweetgums, dogwoods, tupelos, cherry trees and persimmons.
Fantasizers become absorbed within their vivid and realistic mental imagery.
As soon as Hemingway returned to Finca VigĂ­a in Cuba, he began work on a book about the safari, wanting to write while it was still vivid in his memory.
His mother scorns him for his vivid imagination, and taunts him because he spoiled his chances with Ingrid, the daughter of the richest farmer.
According to the Sky Television documentary "Porno Valley", Woodward attempted to join Vivid Entertainment when she first entered the adult industry.
Autumn is the most vivid and colorful season in the national park.
He is so vivid that Janet can see and talk to them.
By 1904-05, Metzinger began to favor the abstract qualities of larger brushstrokes and vivid colors.
The thought process is non-logical and often bizarre, sensation and perception is vivid but created internally by the brain, and the body's movements are inhibited.
Subsequent REM stages increase in duration, so the last REM stage before awakening is the longest and most vivid.
Everyday life in Indonesia became his constant theme, in which he put tones to bold colors and vivid scenery.
These unanswered questions find a home in my work, which evokes the mystery, fear and irony of those vivid memories of my past. I do not claim to understand these questions.
She appeared in over 300 pornographic films under the name "Violet Blue", several of which were produced by Wicked Pictures and Vivid Entertainment.
Throughout the rest of the season, Martin experienced disturbing and vivid flashbacks to all of the shootings in which he had been involved.
GFF operates a Studio system program with exclusive contract performers similar to Vivid Entertainment's "Vivid Girls".
By 1899, Crean had advanced to the rate of petty officer, second class and was serving in "Vivid".
Carl Linnaeus visited the mine and produced a vivid description of the life of the miners.
Late 17th century was also marked by a vivid intellectual and artistic activity.
The vivid bass line illustrates the crushing of the serpent's head.
In his personal work, he explored the depiction of vivid and extreme ranges of human psychology and emotion.

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