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Sentences Containing 'sanction'

``In her name, then, let it be done; I sanction it.
He bore it with noble indifference, and she would have imagined that Bingley had received his sanction to be happy, had she not seen his eyes likewise turned towards Mr. Darcy, with an expression of half laughing alarm.
Still thinking of the sanction which the Constitution gives to slavery, he says,``Because it was a part of the original compact let it stand.''
Tell me for the hundredth time that you refuse my love, which had your mother's sanction.
He would at once approach Valentine's father and acknowledge all, begging Villefort to pardon and sanction the love which united two fond and loving hearts.
``No.''``You do not sanction our project?''
The re-establishing this ancient order was the object of several statutes enacted in England during the course of the fourteenth century, particularly of what is called the statute of provisors; and of the pragmatic sanction, established in France in the fifteenth century.
This independency of the clergy of France upon the court of Rome seems to be principally founded upon the pragmatic sanction and the concordat.
No wonder they are mad, when people who are in their senses sanction their madness!
If it could not be done with Mr. Mills's sanction and concurrence, I besought a clandestine interview in the back kitchen where the Mangle was.
Still thinking of the sanction which the Constitution gives to slavery, he says, "Because it was part of the original compact--let it stand."
The authority of government, even such as I am willing to submit to--for I will cheerfully obey those who know and can do better than I, and in many things even those who neither know nor can do so well--is still an impure one: to be strictly just, it must have the sanction and consent of the governed.
He didn't have the power of creating a new office, or granting any salary, gratuity, or allowance, without the sanction of the Governor-General of India.
The Greek Orthodox church survived as an underground institution without official sanction by the governing (Latin) authorities.
Contrary essentially tricked Hardcase into becoming the leader, and the group received official sanction from then-President Bill Clinton.
The press was subjected to a system of "cautionnements" ("caution money", deposited as a guarantee of good behaviour) and "avertissements" (requests by the authorities to cease publication of certain articles), under sanction of suspension or suppression.
With the natural growth, school became High School and sanction for STD 8th, 9th 10th was given in June, 1985 by Shri.
The Jews, with the sanction of the king, had their own organizations and secretaries or representatives appointed by themselves.
Murphy Reinschreiber, managing director of the Asia Pacific region for WTC stated that "TSB simply failed to provide all of the documentation necessary for CTSA to process the sanction."
In that year the LTE received sanction to replace them with Leyland Nationals.
Among them were assertions that slave property was just as inviolable as any other property, that the rights of property were above constitutional sanction, and that absolute power over property cannot exist in a republic.
Other performances on television including, "Love American Style", and movies including "The Eiger Sanction" and "The Sentinel" were also a part of Shore's repertoire.
After having imposed this condition, she told the King that Madame de Berry and my son were planning a marriage without his sanction; in order to punish them she begged the King to marry the Duke to herself, which was actually done."
Blumenthal also believed that if the government were to sanction the striking of gold medallions, the public would believe that the Treasury was actively encouraging investment in gold.
Hence the Navy decided to obtain sanction for a new permanent Naval Academy to cope with increasing training load.
A hostel for young women was opened on Newton Street in the following year with Rafter's sanction.
This case was remarkable in its discussion of the requirement of persons to seek government sanction to distribute religious material. In this particular case, the Supreme Court ruled it was not constitutional for a city to require such sanction.
Steve and I do not sanction fanfic written in our universes; any such work that exists, exists without our permission, and certainly without our support."
In the end, Ina accepted a two-year sanction from the USADA.
If you make them full legal tender... they will have the full sanction of the government and be just as good as any money; as Congress is given the express right by the Constitution."
The formal cause of this decision was refusal of the parliament to sanction the search at the home of Ainārs Šlesers, a Saeima member and former minister.
The Committee also took over and administered on a uniform basis the secret contracts for arms and gunpowder previously negotiated by certain members of the Congress without the formal sanction of that body.
Goldsmith's original memo to the Prime Minister written on 30 January 2003 opined that UN Resolution 1441 did not sanction the use of force and that a further resolution would be required before military action.
This continued until self-government was achieved, when the electors refused to sanction tax money being used to provide competitors for available jobs.
Although, lawyers only make up a small number of registered Migration Agents, since 1998 more than 18% of the MARA’s sanction decisions have been against lawyer agents.
The Ballast Board then approved a light in 1833 and Statutory Sanction was obtained from Trinity House.
Maximilian III Joseph (1745–1777), by the peace of Füssen signed on 22 April 1745, obtained the restitution of his dominions in return for a formal acknowledgment of the Pragmatic Sanction.
He is the final authority for the sanction of expenditure out of the budget of the Parliament Secretariat.
A QROPS can receive the transfer of UK Pension Benefits without incurring an unauthorised payment and scheme sanction charge.
While there, he defies Hubert and participates in the baptismal, openly giving the cult his approval and sanction.
A single sanction of dismissal is enforced when a student is found guilty of an honor violation.
In May 1859, a small monthly sanction was granted by the Government for the conservation and working of Sigur Forest. With only a small a sum to commence with, it was some time before any wood could be collected.
Non-molestation orders under the Family Law Act 1996 were amended to provide a criminal sanction for non-compliance, with a maximum sentence of 5 years' imprisonment.
He conferred with the English ambassador at Paris to obtain pardon for leaving the country without the Queen's sanction, and to get permission to return.
Whilst many members were volunteers, the Hearts of Oak frequently intimidated many others to join their ranks, though this appears to have been a community sanction.
After World War I concluded in 1918, Indian politicians at that time raised a demand to sanction Indians to the King's Commission.
The Emperor Charles VI, subordinating everything to his Pragmatic Sanction, readily countenanced these violent acts, and the king of Prussia was bought by certain territorial concessions.
This division was ratified only in 1975 with the Treaty of Osimo, which gave a final legal sanction to Slovenia's long disputed western border.
Minnesota becomes the first state in the U.S. to sanction girls’ ice hockey as a high school varsity sport.
But Adrian II did not sanction this step, and refrained from appointing a successor.

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