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Sentences Containing 'provocative'

The next day Danglars was again hungry; certainly the air of that dungeon was very provocative of appetite.
They carried alforjas all of them, and all apparently well filled, at least with things provocative of thirst, such as would summon it from two leagues off.
If your worship would like a drop, sound though warm, I have a gourd here full of the best, and some scraps of Tronchon cheese that will serve as a provocative and wakener of your thirst if so be it is asleep."
"Rolling Stone" called it an "elaborately choreographed, sexually provocative extravaganza" and proclaimed it "the best tour of 1990."
There were some changes, and a provocative appendix "Six Lessons to the Professors of Mathematics" was added.
Both books include provocative and influential photographers along with Goldin.
Isacsson's last film was the feature-length documentary "L'Art en Action" (2009), a study of the ATSA group's provocative urban art installation.
Knox used the intentionally "provocative" title "The Oldest Dead White European Males", as the title of his lecture and his subsequent book of the same name, in both of which Knox defended the continuing relevance of classical culture to modern society.
The Allmusic review by Matt Collar awarded the album 3½ stars and stated ""Structurally Sound" is perhaps not Ervin's most provocative album, but a solid and tasty endeavor".
Constantly showered with his teacher’s praise, he nevertheless – or perhaps precisely for that reason – became co-founder of the legendary YIUP group, which from 1969 on attracted attention inside the academy, and above all in the Beuys class, through provocative actions that were directed even against Beuys himself.
Standing now on his own two feet, Peter Angermann has retained the socio-critical impulse from his earlier works – coupled with that provocative and at times absurdist humour that marks many of his paintings to this day.
"Los Angeles Times" writer Oliver Wang viewed that it "doesn't replicate the balanced charm" of "Game Theory", but ultimately commended its "musical uniformity" and called it "the more provocative effort".
PopMatters writer Zeth Lundy wrote that it "does prove to be an provocative peer of cultural riot-acting and pragmatic contextualization--though, as contemporary pop music, it provides a much more immediate delivery of social ethics from a street-level perspective".
The monument is adjacent to the Soviet memorial to the World War II underground resistance group, The Young Guard. The monument has been described as provocative and a distortion of history.
What ties proto-punk together is a certain provocative sensibility that didn't fit the prevailing counterculture of the time ...
Maureen Ryan of the "Chicago Tribune" similarly commented that while other episodes of "Glee" lack "coherence and narrative drive", "Wheels" did not have this problem, describing it as "a case study of what "Glee" does right" and deeming Artie and Kurt's storylines "provocative and thoughtfully handled."
She created many striking images, especially of nude or semi-nude young women in provocative poses (her whipping scenes attracted the highest attention).
partly guys academic procedures and pretensions by applying them to low-cultural objects’ and, as such, is deliberately provocative.
Chandan Roy Sanyal described his character Mikhail as provocative, mad, wicked and humorous.
The album cover, photographed by Glen E. Friedman, was the subject of controversy upon its original release, due to the provocative pose of Darlene Ortiz, Ice-T's girlfriend at the time.
The provocative questions he has raised in essays and interviews are the subject of a forthcoming book, "The High Price of Free Speech: Rethinking the First Amendment."
Her numbers were remembered for sexually provocative lyrics and elaborate choreography.
Though neckline styles have varied in Western societies and décolletage may be regarded as aesthetic and an expression of femininity, in some parts of the world any décolletage is considered provocative and shocking.
During the live concert, and briefly on the audio, the Turners insert a provocative, seductive conclusion of the song.
"The Guardian's" Sean O'Hagan described it as "either inspired or provocative-to-the-point-of-insulting to the original" whilst Colin Pantall, writing in the "British Journal of Photography", described it as "a Churchillian proclamation that far from being over, photography has barely begun."
Adair waited until the bulk of the parade of UDA men had made its way up into the heart of the Shankill before initiating the provocative gesture.
Clubwear is provocative, revealing, or fetish clothing that is worn to nightclubs featuring a sensual atmosphere with a very relaxed dress code.
It doesn't take long for Santosh to find his father's provocative behavior and tries to mend his father's ways.
His project was such an interesting and provocative blend of genres and technique that I got hooked and helped them to set up an innovative approach to pre-production that integrated pre-visualization, storytelling and design into a new fluid and low budget workspace for the creative team.
The character of Ella Hart gave Wicks the chance to be more provocative and flirtatious than many of her previous screen credits allowed.
Lassiter's unique and provocative style have created a high demand for airchecks of his old shows, many of which are archived online [http://boblassiter.blogspot.com/].
Trottier was noted for championing free speech rights for all groups that had provocative messages censored in public space.
Turan claimed Spielberg raised a most provocative question: "Is the ultimate fantasy an invasion from outer space, or is it the survival of the human race?"
"Lacy thongs and padded push-up bras" were niche products during this period found "alongside feathered boas and provocative pirate costumes at Frederick's of Hollywood" outside of the main stream product offerings available at department stores.
This luxury publication in a smaller format than the other previous albums, offers images that are as sensual as elegant and provocative.
In this book, the images are accompanied by short stories and provocative and challenging beauty is adorned with a profusion of tattoos and piercing.
The provocative spirit of Dada became linked to the exploration of the unconscious mind through the use of automatic writing, chance operations, and, in some cases, altered states.
Another source of embarrassment and criticism was the violent, provocative and inciting behavior of Avishai Raviv, an informer of the Shabak's Jewish Unit during the time leading up to the assassination.
"The Village Voice" called her "the most famous hooker in America", and the "New York Post" published an extensive photo shoot showing Dupré in provocative poses.
This militant organization supported its radical political activism with provocative pamphlets.
In the late 1950s, however, provocative films emerged, sometimes using a "nudist colony" format, and the relatively tame burlesque-show film died out.
In welcoming remarks, "The Washington Post" editorial page editor Fred Hiatt writes that "her provocative writing has become 'must read' material for news and policy makers and avid political watchers."
The finale is more known for its provocative final scene: Westphall and his autistic son Tommy (played by Chad Allen) are seen in his office watching snow falling outside.
Beecroft's performances have been described as art, fashion, brilliant, terrible, evocative, provocative, disturbing, sexist, and empowering.
Describing van Gogh's film "Submission" as "furiously provocative", Jayasekera concluded by describing his death as: There were many protests from both left- and right-wing commentators at the article.
On 30 April 2012 a Mazgaon metropolitan magistrate's court convicted and sentenced Azmi and four others to two years in jail for allegedly giving provocative speeches to incite communal violence 12 years back.
In 2012, a Metropolitan magistrate court in Mumbai convicted Azmi over a provocative speech he made at a rally in Mastan Talao, Nagpada on February 24, 2000.
Women and men are expected to dress in a manner that is modest and not provocative, but the dress code is generally driven by social customs and is more relaxed in comparison to other nations in the region.
Due to the provocative nature of the show, Leykis has often been described as a shock jock.
His nudes were remarkable, with perfect curves, coiled with charm and set in a context in which their sensual fullness imposed itself with provocative grace.

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