PaperRater + Teachers = Better Writing

Are you passionate about utilizing modern technology to facilitate learning? Do you believe that writing is not just a way to express what is learned, but also an important method of learning? If you said YES to either of these questions, then you are amongst friends. Let's work together to change education for the better.

Here's how we can help...We are building FREE, easily-accessible tools to help students improve their writing skills. We are open to constructive criticism about how to improve these tools. We use our marketing budget to offer sweepstakes and contests that put $$$ into your classroom rather than traditional advertising.

Here's what we are hoping for in return...Use our stuff. Tell us about it. Send your feedback to Tell other teachers and educators about us. Follow us on Twitter (@PaperRater). Finally, signup for our educators mailing list using the button below. This is how we keep you in the loop about contests, updates, and other things going on here at PaperRater. You will probably receive about 1 email per month from us. That's it! Class dissmissed! But let's keep the conversating going...

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