Confused Words: militate vs mitigate

1. The GCSMP will examine whether 20% of the sand could instead be backpassed sustainably to the beaches of Surfers Paradise to the impact of climate change.
2. It can also be used to defeat referer checking controls that are used to Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks.
3. Several salmon hatcheries have been built in an attempt to the damage.
4. Proposals to the road troubles included more trains and cutting the fares by 50% on the Vestfoldbanen railway.
5. Floors are temporary permissions granted dynamically to collaborating users in order to race conditions and guarantee mutually exclusive resource usage.
6. Ullico Casualty Group creates insurance products that fiduciary risks to union workplaces and its trustees.
7. The merchant was awarded $600,000 by the court, which ruled that there was insufficient action to the effects of Canada Line construction on Cambie Street merchants.
8. These are references to patterns that can support, relate to or the attack and the listing for the related pattern should note that.
9. The Chairman of the BHS, Patrick Print, attempted to Edmonds's statements by quoting some recent activities the BHS had participated in.
10. Referendum C and other attempts to the effects of TABOR are referred to as "de-Brucing" after Douglas Bruce, the author of the amendment.
11. These forests provide carbon sinks for greenhouse gases and therefore climatic changes.
12. Partly, this serves to their losses, or attempt to return to their pre-event physical and psychological condition.
13. CCA and ZSA are used to find and eliminate or common causes for multiple failures.
14. To the computational penalty of modular arithmetic, two tricks are used in practice:
15. Having a larger bore than the .17 caliber centerfires helps some of the fouling problems that rifles in that caliber tend to have. .19-223.
16. Lighten any check, the destruction ever so little, and the number of the species will almost instantaneously increase to any amount.
17. FFS and other derived UNIX file systems support fragments which greatly this effect. Suballocation schemes.
18. This has the potential to the problem of isolation but not the loss of interior habitat.
19. At a high level these will be to protect life, contain and the impacts of the emergency and create the conditions for a return to normality.
20. In order to risk and maximize profits, the bank also engages in other types of banking beyond making agricultural loans.

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