Confused Words: freeze vs frieze

1. Originally the front was sided in clapboard with a cornice and ; that was replaced with cedar in the 1950s.
2. Simple and noble, it is decorated by a with floral decoration running under the ledge.
3. In October, there is a possibility of a and there is an increase the number of cloudy days, with possible rain.
4. However, "What Would You Do for a Dollar?" and " Tag" were the two earliest.)" Pilot Season (1991-1993).
5. A "studiolo" would often have a Latin motto painted or inlaid round the .
6. Operation Deep I prepared a permanent research station and paved the way for more exhaustive research in later Deep operations.
7. In the banqueting hall is a 19th-century overmantel and carved by C.R. Millar.
8. Some of my friends spoke as if I was coming to the woods on purpose to myself.
9. The edge of the lid is decorated by a of flying geese.
10. When it sees an approaching falcon it gives a warning call and the other sandgrouse .
11. Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds in Australia and New Zealand are branded.
12. The figures on the represent the wool trade between Bradford and the world, besides architecture and the arts.
13. The will be up for renegotiation in 2011.
14. Coarse was manufactured in England for export to Ireland in the nineteenth century.
15. During the winter all rivers over.
16. Fluted pilasters rise to the between the last bays on either end and the rest of the windows.
17. Dryvax is a -dried calf lymph smallpox vaccine.
18. But the salt mixture does not because its freezing point is far below that of pure water.
19. To apply a brand, all hair is shaved at the branding site.
20. In the history of textiles, (French: "frisé") is a Middle English term for a coarse woollen, plain weave cloth with a nap on one side.
21. The library is near located, accessible by a door which the jambs and the lintel are carved in marble, adorned with a of floral decoration.
22. Above the doorways are classical Ionic order columns that ostensibly hold up the and pediment.
23. Operation Deep I. The impetus behind Operation Deep I was the International Geophysical Year 1957–58.
24. The writers even got to give it a -frame shot for the ending.
25. In 2005 they released the Moment on Greyhound Records in Belgium, featuring Anita Kelsey.
26. Slow lorises are particularly vulnerable because they tend to when spotted.
27. The porch is decorated with turned posts, jigsaw struts, and a carved .
28. Operation Deep (OpDFrz or ODF) is the codename for a series of United States missions to Antarctica, beginning with "Operation Deep I" in 1955–56, followed by "Operation Deep II", "Operation Deep III", and so on.
29. Above the doors are seahorses on the main and Moorish paneling on the doors themselves.
30. It has diagonal buttresses, two-light bell openings, and a quatrefoil .
31. The only equipment is the Gravity Gun, used to and un blocks, pick them up and move them.
32. The roofline had a dentiled cornice with a white below.
33. The term can also be used for the curly nap fabrics have, as well as the action of raising the nap, which differs from standard methods.
34. The Ulster, a long loose overcoat as worn in Ulster, was made of .
35. Today, "" is also a term applied to a textile technique used in modern machine-loomed carpeting, as well as the textile produced.
36. The Operation Deep activities were succeeded by "Operation Deep II", and so on, continuing a constant US presence in Antarctica since that date.
37. In the seventeenth century "" was applied to linen cloth, apparently as from Frisia, an unconnected usage.
38. I thought that there was no need of ice to them.
39. In 2010, Coburn called for on defense spending.
40. was woven in the English Midlands and Wales, and in Ireland from the fourteenth century, and later in Holland as well.

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