Confused Words: born vs borne

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1. ``I had to get into the front rank; I was not there, was I?''
2. As of 2004, no other ship in the United States Navy has e this name.
3. Collins was in Indianapolis, Indiana.
4. Gravé Du Pont had e arms before becoming a merchant.
5. The little town has e more names than any other town in the county.
6. He was in Glasgow, Scotland in 1927.
7. His parents were both in Connecticut.
8. Other expenses are e by the Government of India.
9. They are e on a slender peduncle, originating from the base of the back of the leaf.
10. Following is a list of publications of these types that have e the name.
11. "No, I don't," said the captain, "but his mother did; he was with it.
12. Nothing ever had the same shape when I was coming downstream that it had e when I went up.
13. Faustina had e him several children, of whom he was passionately fond.
14. The arms have been e since 20 March 1990.
15. A solitary flower is e on a long, upright stem.
16. Johnny was to a Venezuelan and Trinidadian.
17. He was in Garioch in Aberdeenshire.
18. He was in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.
19. They have a daughter, Marianna ( 1997).
20. The flower is solitary or e in a cluster of up to four.
21. This surname was also e by the eighth Baronet.
22. At least it is music to me, but then I was in the South.
23. Hammond was in Frederick, Maryland.
24. It was the only ship of the Navy to have e this name.
25. They are e on winged petioles up to 5 centimeters long.
26. They have a son ( 1968) and a daughter ( 1970).
27. Lafontaine was in Gosselies, Belgium.
28. Bland was in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
29. In "Aiphanes", male and female flowers are e together on the same inflorescence.
30. And who are we that are His children and what work were we to perform?
31. After Griselda has e him a daughter, Walter decides to test her loyalty.
32. He was in Sieradz and died in Łódź.
33. I left all who were dear to me, and went away; and believed that I had e it, and it was past.
34. In some species, the inner peridium is e on a stalk or pedicel.
35. The pedunculated oak has its acorns e upon a footstool.
36. There are specific forms of the surname that are e by married and unmarried females.
37. They've been doing it since before I was ...
38. Collinder was in Sundsvall, Sweden.
39. 66.9% of residents were in Australia.
40. It is not known when Yuwen Shiji was .

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