Confused Words: affect vs effect

1. It has accordingly been the of violence and artifice.
2. But it seems that it is intended to me personally.
3. Elizabeth could but just concern in missing him; she really rejoiced at it.
4. Whereas Shakyamuni is seen as 'The Buddha of True ' as he only revealed the '' of Buddhahood.
5. It had no upon the cries; no pendulum could be more regular.
6. ``No, on my honor,''said Maximilian;``but that will not you.
7. In Capesize reads as "unlimited".
8. How did the honor or disgrace of M. de Morcerf me?
9. not to set out thy thoughts with curious neat language.
10. Specific quotations to this follow.
11. This fact, together with the opportunity for reflection afforded by solitary confinement, had its its natural .
12. To the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.
13. Different neurodegenerative diseases can curiosity levels.
14. Its ruin may in some cases be unknown to him, and cannot directly him.
15. The was strange, and fine, and very striking.
16. During World War II the British referred to the Monroe as the cavity on explosives.
17. Accidents insurance premiums similarly.
18. The area with that has the greatest of coextinction is the tropics.
19. I do assure you that the news does not me either with pleasure or pain.
20. The was a serious one, rhabdomyolysis.
21. To this , in as few or fewer words, the Public Prosecutor.
22. The Russian Revolution in 1917 did not at first adversely Coates.
23. They breathe all right for a while and it doesn't the functions of the throat.
24. ``Come, do not indifference, but confess you were pleased to have it.''
25. The game was cancelled because it had no on the playoffs."
26. In , the sun was so low that it dipped at the moment.
27. These superpowers are the only weapons that have any on Invaders.
28. Treatment may have some on insight.
29. ``Would her death any one's interest?''
30. That is only amplified in a playoff atmosphere."
31. The test is based on a 'P300 '." "The P-300 has been recognized for nearly twenty years."
32. The crowd didn't me, but it must have ed the scoring.
33. That experience had a tremendous on me."
34. It will not the settlement of Tripotamo.
35. These contact angles the stability of the emulsion.
36. There may be BIOS settings that this parameter.
37. This is seen more in the atrium than the ventricle.
38. There were few campaign issues that directly Canadians.
39. It's about how institutions have an on individuals.
40. This had no as the Habsburgs had regained Austria.

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